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YWAM Bristol is part of Youth With A Mission. An international movement of people dedicated to Know God and Make God Known.


We’re about seeing hope and positive growth in people’s lives by helping them understand their own Value and revelation of who Jesus Christ really is. We want to Create environments where people can be built up, Discipled in the ways of God and impact an entire region for God’s kingdom.


We are a missional community of believers built around rhythms of prayer, worship and discipleship with a deep desire to see lives transformed. As a community that focuses on Jesus, we aim to be ready to jump into whatever Jesus asks us to do.

YWAM Bristol Team
YWAM Bristol Team

As YWAM is a decentralised movement we look to our foundational values and the calling ‘To know God and make God known’ to draw us together. These foundational values have been developed over the 60 years of Youth With A Mission and each has its own story. If you want to know what a ywamer looks like, get to know these values as they are our DNA. You can find them here. 



Knowing Jesus inspires us to make His gospel understood to any audience. We use tools such as music, art, and sports to connect with people of all ages, developing friendships that can lead to conversations of eternal value. We believe everyone has the right to hear the Good News about Jesus, so we develop lifestyles of evangelism to be ready to share with anyone we meet. 



Through our training programs we aim to better equip Christians to grow in their relationship with God and to serve others in everything. Here in Bristol we offer the Discipleship Training School (DTS), which is the introductory course to YWAM. It is an intensive process that helps you to grow more like Jesus and serve Him in the world. 


Mercy Ministries

We have found that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  If someone is hungry, yes pray for them, but let’s feed them too. Jesus was full of compassion, so if we are trying to be like him, we must also be compassionate to everyone we meet.  In YWAM we look to minster to the physical and emotional needs of those we serve, as well as the spiritual aspects too. 



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