YWAM Bristol Ministries

Mission Adventures 

A youth summer missions program run by YWAM England. We love to take young people from Bristol out into Europe for two weeks of fantastic mission experience.  By partnering with established ministries in Europe we are able to provide authentic hands on summer outreach that will transform the lives of all who come with us. Click here to find out more.  

Church based Discipleship 

YWAM has so much wealth and experience of Discipleship and we love sharing that with the local churches.  We run a monthly discipleship community where we explore foundational aspects of the Christian faith.  We explore topics such as worship, The Father Heart of God, Identity, Lordship, Prayer and What is Discipleship.  Through this community we provide space for small group discussion and prayer as well as friendship.  We also work with churches to run a tailor-made discipleship journey for the church to go through.  We find it such a privilege to be able to invest in churches in this way.

Creation Paints 

Is our arts ministry. Bristol is a very creative city and art is a beautiful way to create community and build relationships. Through Creation Paints we have ran art galleries, art community groups as well as hosted outreach at UpFest, the largest street art festival in Europe, right here in Bristol.


Bristol has roughly 80,000 young people between the ages of 13-18, only 3000 of them have a meaningful connection to a local church or Christian group.  That leaves 78,000 young people who are not hearing that they are valued and loved by the creator of the universe. We’re not ok with that. Over the years we have ran various youth ministries in Bristol, but there is so much more to do, schools to impact and safe places to create.

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