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The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a life changing course that helps you discover more of God and how to apply your faith to your life. The DTS gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore how your passions and gifts can be used to see lives transformed by Jesus. 

At YWAM Bristol we are passionate about providing a safe environment for you to explore more of who Jesus is. Through our DTS we aim to provide excellent training and discipleship that will help you grow in your Christian walk as well as create new ways to reach our neighbourhoods with the gospel. 

The dates for our next DTS are to be confirmed. To find out more or to register interest, contact us here.

"The DTS was a challenging and exciting adventure in pursuit of God. One of the greatest things I learnt was a deeper insight into what real love is. God revealed in ways that spoke directly to my heart."

Megan's Testimony
Megan - 24
Albuquerque, USA
Training Phase
Training Phase


The training phase of the DTS is focused on knowing God and exploring questions like: 

  • Who does the Bible say He is?  
  • How can we have relationship with Him?  
  • How do we communicate with Him?  
  • Who is Jesus, and why did He need to die?  
  • What does it mean for God to be Father?  
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

Through these foundational topics we get to explore the vastness of God. We also look at who we are, why God created us, what it means to be ‘free in Christ’, what sin is and how do we deal with it.

From that basis of understanding we then explore what Missions is and how we can share our faith effectively. Also, how we can communicate God to our society and how to lead others into a deeper understanding of the love of Jesus. All of this is wrapped around plenty of worship, prayer, small groups and one-on-one discipleship as we learn how to follow Jesus as a community.


One of the unique aspects of YWAM Bristol is that we are an Urban focused missions team, which means that throughout the DTS you will be reaching out to the community through Evangelism and serving in ongoing ministries.

"The DTS was life changing! I learned that God is alive and active, that I can hear from God and He wants to talk to me. I am a child of God, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and now have a much closer relationship with him."

Zoe Testimony
Zoe - 24
Bristol, England


The outreach phase focuses on making God known. Living out and sharing all that God has taught us in the training phase. We have a midterm, 2-week outreach that will be to a location within England, followed by a longer trip into a cross cultural environment. We will most likely stay within Europe, our last school went to Ukraine, Hungary & Greece. 


Wherever we go we will all hear the Lord together and gain his heart for that location. We will also work closely with a ministry that is already serving in that community and investing in their long-term vision. During these times we will partner with local ministries to share our faith and reach into that community with the love of Jesus. On a typical DTS outreach, some of the things you might do are: teaching/preaching, leading kids and youth ministry/camps, creative evangelism, practical projects and using arts or sports.


After our international outreach we will return to Bristol to debrief our experience before preparing for track focused ministry. The Youth Track will lead a teen mission trip back into Europe as part of YWAM England’s Mission Adventures program. The Arts and Margins tracks will remain in Bristol and be part of reaching out at Europe’s largest Street art festival, ‘UpFest’, which we have been part of for years, as well as creating new ministries to reach into our community.  After these two weeks of ministry we will come back together to celebrate what God has done, debrief our experience and prepare to finish the DTS in style before heading back home. We would be so excited to have you on this journey, reaching into and impacting our city!

Outreach Phase
Outreach Phase


Our fees cover all your accommodation, three meals a day as well as all your teachers and resources for training and ministry. A couple of trips we make as a school are included so you get to enjoy our city and the surrounding areas.  You need to get yourself to Bristol as well as your return journey home, including any visas or vaccinations recommended by your doctor. Before we issue your visa, we must have evidence that you have travel insurance including repatriation cover.


Your accommodation for the course will be community style living with other trainees and staff on the DTS within walking distance of the YWAM hub where the training will take place. This is an intentional part of the live-learn environment that is vital to the DTS. Living in community means that you will be expected to be part of running the home, including keeping the home tidy and being part of dinner preparation and clean up.


We recommend that you aim to raise an extra £50 – £75 per month for your time on DTS, although this is not vital as your living costs are included in your DTS fees. This extra will enable you to explore Bristol, enjoy the vast choice of cafés in the city, catch a movie as well as enjoy blessing others.


When you apply, there is a £35 non-refundable application fee followed by a £250 deposit once your application has been successful. The rest of the school fees will be due on arrival with outreach fees due at the start of the DTS.


For those outside of the UK, we will also guide you through the visa process once you have been accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us through Facebook or email us at We’d love to talk to you.


YWAM Bristol’s DTS is not for the faint hearted. You will grow, you will have an adventure with God the like of which you’ve never had before, and it will be tough, it will stretch you and challenge you. This is not just a course about developing our understanding and our knowledge, this school is also about developing your character to enable you to live like Jesus. DTS doesn’t just stand for Discipleship Training School, it also stands for Die To Self.


Jesus calls us to take up our crosses daily, He invites us to let go of our dreams, our desires and our perceived rights, so that we can pick up something of far greater worth. He invites us to truly live a life that reflects Him in every way. 


As we pursue Jesus with our whole hearts and as we give our lives to Him, we will quickly hear ourselves say ‘there is nothing more important to me than Jesus and what He wants to do on this earth!’, and this is what we are inviting you to. Come and give Jesus these few months of your life, be ready to try new things, be prepared to be pushed, healed and loved by God in ways you’ve never thought about, and come ready to be used powerfully by Him.


We are deeply excited for this school as we know that God is going to impact lives and reveal destiny to us, but He will also impact the city we love, He will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and place the lonely in families.


The YWAM Discipleship Training School offers a unique time in your life to focus on who God made you to be, and what He wants you to do. But YWAM offers a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing your DTS. How do you narrow down your choices?


Here are some questions to ask yourself, and to pray over and discuss with your parents, your pastor and trusted counsellors:

  • What kind of cultural experience do you want?

  • Do you want to stay and train in your home nation or do you want to go for a totally cross-cultural experience?

  • Would you prefer to join a large, well-established YWAM location with a larger DTS or do you feel called to be part of a smaller pioneering focused team?

If you would like help finding a DTS that is right for you in YWAM England, email us on Or you can explore our YWAM England page  or our international page.



We have been in missions for a very long time and over the years we are constantly amazed at the way God provides for us. When you are new to raising financial support, it can feel really daunting but we want to encourage you. Not only is it possible, it’s also really biblical. There are loads of fantastic resources out there and if your application has been successful, we will start to coach you in the principles as well as some methods we’ve found helpful. One tool that we love is the book ‘Funding the Family Business’. It’s written by a friend of ours and is packed full of fantastic values. There are also loads of brilliant training workshops happening near you. Jump onto google and type in ‘living by support workshops’ and put in your nation or your part of the world (e.g. East Africa/Central America) and you’ll be amazed at what you see.

Remember, you are not asking people for money, you are inviting friends to partner with you as you pursue your calling to know God and make Him known. You are asking your family and your church to invest in your growth in God to make a difference in the world.


We are committed to stand with you while you raise your support and there will be times and events during the training phase when we will raise our finances together.